Company History

OAN Oregon GrownEarth Science Products Corp was formed in 1974 by Edsal “Ed” Wood and Dick Gearhardt. While working for the forestry service, Dick Gearhardt was placed in road development which exposed him to soil mechanics and the severe and recurring damage caused by expansive clay soils. He later moved on to become the Vice President of Zel Chemical and expanded his background in chemistry. He soon realized the true nature of the issue: the imbalance of ionic charge in the clay soil.

Dick’s realization led him to create a partnership with the late Lee Reynolds who also understood the nature of the clay soil. Together they developed ion exchange technology, introducing the first two predecessors to modern ion exchange resins (IERs); through their collaboration, Condor® Soil Stabilizer was born.

Earth Science Products was the first to mass produce a high quality, consistently performing product. Over the years, there have been many copies of the Condor® SS product, though none have been able to achieve its 100% success rate.

After Dick Gearhardt started his own company he partnered with Mr. Ed Wood, a well-known, highly respected botanist and Oregon Nurserymen Hall of Fame inductee. Together they developed several complimentary products to Condor® SS. One of the first, Wood’s Rooting Compound, was used effectively to reforest the scorched earth surrounding the 1981 Mt. St. Helen eruption. Condor® AG – LandLife was also used in that project, and has since become one of the most successful products in the company line.

Condor® AG – LandLife is now used in over 20 countries throughout the world. Although it is marketed under different names, it is the same consistent, high quality product formulated, tested, and perfected decades ago. Earth Science Products takes great care to ensure that the Condor® AG you apply to your land is the very best we can produce.

Today, Earth Science Produc20160519_093942ts is still a family operation. President Jeffrey Jensen and his wife Clara run the business with the same care and eye for quality that started it all back in 1974.

From the early struggles of Mr. Gearhardt to convince critics of our products’ efficacy and benefits to the environment, to today’s efforts of the Jensens to produce solutions that enhance and compliment the planet, Earth Science Products has always been a green company. We care about the earth.