Condor AG Land Life

Condor AG Land Life is a soil amendment solution which alters the ionic charge of clay soils to make them behave more like fine topsoil, reduces water usage, and provides numerous other benefits to allow for better crop growth, nutrient retention, and pH balancing.

Common Problems Faced When Growing in Clay-Based Soil

Soil with significant clay content frequently poses special problems for growers. Extreme stresses are placed on today’s farm land, resulting in frequent physical and chemical changes to the soil. Newly developed land can produce a good harvest by supplying fertilizer for insufficient components. However, if the land is cultivated repeatedly (especially if the same crop is grown), the quality of the harvest gradually deteriorates over 2-3 seasons (in a greenhouse environment). Outdoors, the cycle is longer, generally 5-6 years to deteriorate. For both applications, yield will decrease with quality.
The cause of the problem can be explained thus:

  1. Salts (unused fertilizers) become bound to the soil and therefore unavailable for the plant to consume causing a buildup of these salts over time. When the concentration becomes higher in the soil than in the root cell, the cell solution escapes into the soil (reverse osmosis). This hampers the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. In this weakened state, the roots, and the plant as a whole, becomes weakened and susceptible to pests and soil-borne infections.
  2. When a specified crop is grown repeatedly, harmful bacteria and insects which attack the particular crop, grow and expand in concentration, causing more damage to the crop.
  3. The trace elements preferred by the specific crop (manganese, boron, etc.), are absorbed completely by the plants, leaving only small amounts in the soil, further limiting the plants’ growth and eventual yield.
  4. The toxins formed in the plant during growth are discharged into the soil and absorbed by the adjacent plant, causing autotoxemia.
  5. The humus in the soil is reduced and the soil forms separate particles, becoming hard ground with poor drainage and low permeability. The lower permeability prevents much-needed oxygen from reaching roots.
  6. Due to the excessive salts (residue), other nutrients and trace elements cannot be absorbed.
  7. When rainfall is excessive, the soil increases in acidity. When fertilizer is applied in excess, the soil will become very alkaline. Land Life remedies both of these issues by correcting pH.

Benefits of Condor AG Land Life Application

  1. Provides formation of granulated soil
  2. Removes accumulated salts from soil
  3. Normalizing of pH level in the soil
  4. Suppression of harmful bacteria
  5. Enhanced activation of fertilizers
  6. Reduced use of water

Condor AG Land Life Components

Organic Carbon, Petroleum Sulfonate, Iron, Calcium, Phosphor, Sodium, Potassium, and other microelements.

How Condor AG Land Life Works

  1. Capability to build the granule
    • The organic carbon, which is contained in the product in large quantity, enhances the bonding strength in the soil to bring the particles together to form granules.
  2. Ability to remove the salts (unused fertilizer components)
    • Unused fertilizer in the form of salts becomes bound to the platelets in the clay through electrochemical attraction, making them unavailable to the plant. The powerful electrochemical charge in Condor AG Land Life breaks this bond, allowing the salts to become soluble again for use by the plant. Excess salts are also now free to drain away, preventing further buildup in the future.
  3. Adjustment to pH in the soil
    • Through the same process defined above, the harmful substances in the soil (sulfate radical, nitrate radical, chlorine etc.), are adjusted to normal pH levels. In acidic soils, Hydrogen ions are replaced with the anion (negative charge) from Land Life, thereby lowering the acidity. In alkaline soils, the cation (positive charge) in Land Life is combined with the hydroxide ion, thereby increasing acidity to normal levels.
  4. Suppression of harmful bacteria
    • The unique oxidizing action of Land Life improves the soil environment, creating conditions that favor the helpful bacteria. This effect serves to lessen the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
  5. Enhanced activation of fertilizer
    • Due to the release of the bound salts, they are now water soluble and become available for absorption by the plant.
  6. Reduction of water usage
    • Permeability is increased, therefore excess water is not needed to reach the roots of the plant. Bound salts are released and leach normally and water uptake is now properly regulated and unhindered by the residual salts.


Land Life in its concentrated form is acidic. When diluted according to the application instructions and applied to the soil, the chemical properties of the product change due to the unique electrolytic elution actions inherent in the product, and become neutral.

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