Condor Digester

Condor DigesterCondor Digester is a sewer and septic system treatment solution that has been produced and distributed for over 25 years to chemically ‘pre-digest’ organic wastes and maintain a healthy, odor free environment in septic tanks, vault toilets, sludge pits, hog farms and sewage treatment facilities.

Condor Digester is a sulfonated petroleum product (“sulfonated” means it is blended with a mild acid so that it consumes dead proteins) that is used for the deodorization and digestion of organic solid wastes.

How It Works

The application of Condor Digester breaks out oxygen molecules from water in huge quantities. Once oxygen is available, aerobic bacteria (“good” bacteria) begin to grow and multiply at incredible rates. These “good” bacteria produce enzymes which then break down solid wastes and anaerobic bacteria (these are the “bad” bacteria that produce the bad smells). Once broken down, the good (aerobic) bacteria consume the remains of the bad (anaerobic) bacteria. With all of this newfound energy, the good (aerobic) bacteria now produce more enzymes, which further break down bad bacteria…and so on. Once started, this chain reaction feeds itself and expands exponentially. As an added bonus, the only by-products of this intense activity are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Regarding Safety

Since anything placed in a septic system or sewage treatment facility will ultimately end up in the soil or adjacent water, it is important to understand the potential impact on our environment, including critical watersheds. As a responsible company, Earth Science Products has submitted Condor Digester to dozens of agencies for batteries of tests over the years. All of the testing has served to confirm two facts:

  • Condor Digester is an extremely effective degrader of waste build-up and odor controller
  • Condor Digester produces no harmful by-products as a result of its function

A partial listing of these agencies and their analysis of Condor Digester…
Studies conducted by Logan A. Norris PhD, Director of Forest Sciences Laboratory, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A.

Officials of the U.S. Forestry service have determined that Condor Digester presents no environmental problems. In fact, Condor Digester has been cleared for use on the Bull Run watershed, which serves drinking water to the entire city of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., the 25th largest city in the United States.

Based on scientific studies performed by the U.S.A. Forest Department, and the Oregon Department of Transportation, Condor Digester proved to be an extremely effective method of reducing waste build-up and odor control in safety rest area buildings and corresponding drain fields. In the study produced by the Materials and Research Section of the Oregon Department of Transportation, it was noted that during the test period the response of the drain field to the septic tank effluent was “excellent”. During the test period, the system would normally have been pumped 2 to 3 times but, because of the use of Condor Digester, was only pumped once. This represents a reduction in the pumpable solids of up to 70%. From an economic standpoint, it was stated that the use of Condor Digester was economically cost effective because it alleviates the necessity of periodic rodding and occasional building of new drain fields.

Lieutenant Colonel Jon C. Hill, Inspector-Instructor, United States Marine Corps, submitted a recommendation to the Commandant of the Marine Corps in Washington, D.C. to use Condor Digester in the field to provide the Marine Corps with a substantially better procedure than is presently available for treatment of human waste, grease, fats and cooking oils in field kitchens and messes. LtCol Hill felt the flies that move from the ‘heads’ (field restroom facilities) to the food preparation and eating areas spread disease and are a constant concern. The present method of burning the human waste generated from a field ‘head’ produces horrific odors and a burn threat to Marines. LtCol Hill felt that the use of Condor Digester is an effective means to eradicate these problems, thereby increasing the general health and well-being of the armed forces.

The California State University at Fresno, California, U.S.A., School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, conducted tests of Condor Digester for the purpose of controlling and enhancing the air quality of the Swine Unit of the University. After extensive testing, Mr. Kevin M. Schreder, a swine technician, concluded:

The air quality is considerably better and more pleasant when treated with Condor Digester. Secondly, by having an improvement in the air quality, this would then help reduce the incidence of Atrophic Rhinitis. Atrophic Rhinitis is a minor disease in hogs that is a disturbance of the nasal passages, which can lead to other health disease. By breathing better air, it would help reduce the incidence or severity of Atrophic vaccines, medications and feed costs caused by retarded growth. Finally, a third benefit would be the water savings and cost, which over a long period of time could be dramatic.

These are just a few examples of the uses and benefits of using Condor Digester to alleviate the problems associated with proper treatment and disposal of solid wastes. Additional agencies that have used and trusted Condor Digester also include:
U.S.A. Government Service Award
U.S.A. Contract To Supply The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S.A. Marine Corps
U.S.A. Park Service
Bureau of Indian Affairs
U.S.A. Embassy Corps

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